Saeco Coffee Machines

Founded in Bologna, Italy in 1981 by Sergio Zapella and Arthur Schme, Saeco was originally known as Sergio, Arthur e Compagnia, before being shortened to its initials.

Saeco was, and remains, a pioneer in the home coffee market. The company was responsible for bringing one-touch espresso coffee to the domestic market as the inventors of the Superautomatica, the first completely automated espresso machine for home use in 1985. And it’s not just espresso lovers that have reason to love Saeco. Milky coffee lovers should also be grateful as they were also responsible for creating the integrated milk frother, making enjoying high-quality coffee at home a breeze.

Since then, Saeco has continued to develop and innovate in the home coffee machine market, including the automatic brewing pressure adaptation system, SBS in 1999. And in 2013, they developed the Bluetooth enabled GranBariso Avanti, another coffee machine first.

In 1999 Saeco bought out the well-known Gaggia coffee brand, bringing two coffee giants under one umbrella. Since 2009, the Saeco brand has belonged to the Dutch electronics brand, Philips, where it continues to live up to its reputation for excellence in coffee. Today, Saeco’s market-leading range includes everything from capsule machines to fully automated bean to cup machines.

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