Kinto Unitea Small Glass Teapot Set

  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Stylish
  • Stores 500ml of tea

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The Kinto Unitea Teapot Set in Small, Glass is one of the most stylish teapots in the Unitea range. Made entirely out of glass, it has been expertly designed to look great in any kitchen and blend in perfectly without taking up too much space or cluttering up your kitchen.

Create the perfect loose leaf tea

The way the Kinto Unitea Teapot has been designed is in line with the high standards that we are used to from Kinto. It uses their specially designed heat resistant glass that is well known for keeping your drink warm and keeping out unwanted aromas that can affect the taste of your tea. With the Kinto Teapot, you are guaranteed to get a delicious tasting loose leaf tea every time.

With an added in-built glass strainer, there is no need to go out and buy your own strainer, as this does the job and more. Specially made to keep out all of the tea leaves and just give you a strong cup of tea, this strainer is great quality and can even be removed to help with cleaning.

If you home has limited storage options, then this is the teapot for you. It’s compact size means it does not impose at all on the worktops in your kitchen or take up too much room in your cupboards. It is a great set for any individual looking to create the perfect cup of tea.

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