Blue Oomph Coffee Maker


  • Simple design that’s easy to use
  • Fast brewing time
  • Rebrew system prevents wastage
  • Anti Bitterness Lock
  • Compact and highly portable

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The Oomph Coffee Maker is a coffee making method that can’t be found anywhere else in the market. The Sky Blue combines the traditional full immersion method of a cafetiere with the pressurised system that espresso machines utilise. This gadget produces a full 13oz, or 350ml of delicious espresso coffee in a maximum of two minutes, for a rapid coffee hit.

The Sky Blue Oomph Coffee Maker is a stylish piece of kitchen equipment. But it’s not only great looking, it’s also simple to use. It has a three chamber system that twists together. Ad the bottom outer chamber works as an insulated travel mug that’ll keep your delicious espresso coffee warm for up to an hour.

Brewing your coffee is rapid with the Oomph. Powered by hand, just depress the top chamber of the unit. The water is forced through a turbine-like part that stirs and mixes for the best taste extraction. And you’ll never have to endure bitter coffee thanks to the Anti-Bitterness locking system, that traps the grinds in the bottom of the lower chamber.

Brewing coffee to your personal taste is easy too. The amount of coffee grounds and the brewing time can both be adjusted to meet your individual preferences. Should your coffee not be strong enough after the first brew, the patented rebrew system allows you to rebrew your coffee without mess or fuss.

Cleaning is simple too. The used coffee grinds are compressed into a disc that is easily removed and thrown away. The unit can then be washed by hand or in the dishwasher


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