AeroPress Coffee Maker Tote Bag


  • Perefect for Holding all of your Aeropress parts when you go travelling
  • Sturdy zip
  • Nylon material
  • Safe storage of coffeemaker and accessories

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The replace Aeropress Tote Bag is the perfect companion for your Aeropress coffeemaker and all of your Aeropress accessories. Large and durable, this nylon tote bag easily fits in all of your Aeropress parts for safe and easy storage.

Why use a tote storage bag

If you are sick of all of your coffee parts and accessories crowding your cupboards and work surfaces in your kitchen, then investing in this large tote bag is a great option. It keeps all of your Aeropress parts together safely in one place, meaning you don’t lose any of your precious accessories and it doesn’t clutter up your kitchen.

It is also great for travelling with all of your coffee gear. If you are out and about a lot and love a good tasting coffee, but don’t want to splash out in coffee shops every day, then get yourself one of these travel tote bags.

The Aeropress coffeemaker is known around the world for producing great tasting coffee, so being able to bring it along with you safely when you travel means you can guarantee yourself a delicious hot brew every day.

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