How to make an americano

How to Make an Americano

Making an Americano involves mixing water and an espresso. It’s that simple. From the simplicity of the procedure, it is evident that anyone can make an Americano. However, just like in any other field of perfection, in Americano preparation, there is an Americano, and then there is a great Americano.

To prepare a great Americano, you just have to play by the ground rules aiming at the delivery of justice to the innocent consumers. The observability of the rules in conjunction with passion for preparation of a great Americano, results into a desired Americano. Well, you can choose to just put everything in the pot and just have your drink, doubt that will be Americano.

Over the course of the years, Americano has traversed into different forms. You could try icing the Americano before you take some. To ice it, you will place a cup of Americano in a freezer for 20 minutes and then remove it. Alternatively, you could some drop ice cubes in it.

Milking up the Americano is also a great way to prepare it. By mixing it with milk, you will improve the taste though it risks dilution. Many people like taking the Americano pure with no additives. If you add, a lesser amount of espresso to a constant volume of water dilution occurs. Add too much espresso to your Americano and the product emerges with a stronger taste. Therefore, you have to watch for the ratio of your water to espresso.

How to get the great Americano

1) A great Americano starts with a great espresso

In order to achieve a great Americano, you have to invest in preparing a perfect espresso. Preparation of an espresso begins with collection of the best coffee beans.

Measure the correct amount of beans, usually ranging between 14-18 grams. Finally, grind the beans until it is in its finest.

Tamp the mixture with the portafilter. After all the processes, a final product is an espresso deemed for use in preparation of the Americano. A great espresso is marked with a rich black gold filtrate.

2) Get the right water temperature

If you add very hot water in the espresso, it takes time before it cools down to the moderate temperature for consumption thereby affecting the taste.

On the contrary, too much cold water also brings down the estimated quality of the Americano. Therefore, a great Americano requires a hot water between 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit.

3) The ratio is key

It is advisable to keep a 60:40 water: espresso ratio for a great Americano. Adding too much espresso results in a strong taste while less results in a diluted solution.

Other authors also recommend adding espresso to water and not the vice versa to maintain the cream to enhance the taste.

Preparation process

Just as discussed before, preparing an Americano involves mixing water and the espresso. First, place the desired amount of water, ¾ of the cup.

Add the correct amount of the espresso to the cup of water. Your Americano is ready for consumption. This same rationing applies to industrial Americano production.

Note that to make the desired espresso, one has to use the espresso machine. For those using the drip-coffee machine to prepare an espresso, the process may take long producing less concentrated coffee.

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