Handpresso Coffee Machines

Handpresso SARL is the manufacturer of the first portable coffee machines. The company was founded in 2006 in Fontainebleau by Henrik Nielsen. Despite being a French company, the design of the Handpresso is Danish.

The company produces a range of portable coffee machines, that make producing high-quality coffee anywhere simple and easy. The company and its machines have won seven international design awards for their innovative style and design.

In 2012, Handpresso launched the Handpresso Auto, the first espresso machine that could be used in cars. Utilizing the car’s 12/24 volt cigarette lighter socket, it heats enough water for a double espresso. Once hot, users simply press the coffee making button to enjoy a rich espresso within two minutes.

Handpresso machines are fully compatible with Nespresso coffee pods and can also be used with ground coffee so that users can enjoy a range of coffee types.

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