Melitta E970 Caffeo CI Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Review

Founded in 1908, Melitta has over a century of coffee making experience. This is reflected in the machines they produce. The Melitta E907-101 Caffeo is no exception to the rule. A bean to cup machine that produces high-quality coffee with the touch of a button, it’s no surprise that it boasts an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon and other retail sites. This review shows why.

What is Good about Melitta E970 Caffeo Coffee Machine

Ease of use of the Melitta E970

Ease of use

A bean to cup coffee machine should take the fuss and mess out of enjoying freshly ground coffee in the comfort of your own home. And you can be sure that that’s what you’ll get with the Melitta E970-101 Caffeo CI

This bean to cup coffee machine comes with four preset coffee recipes. The preset menu contains the most popular coffee types: espresso, caffè crema, cappuccino and latte macchiato. In addition, there are also the options to make warmed, frothy milk and hot water, so you can make other coffee types too.

Should you prefer something different from the preset options the My Coffee Memory function, saves up to four individual recipes, which are easily accessed through the ‘My Recipes’ button. Setting your individual preferences is simple, thanks to the buttons that line along near the top of the machine, and the dial that enables you to scroll through the various menu options.

Buttons and indicators

This Melitta Caffeo has a range of nine buttons, all clearly marked to make using the machine easy and intuitive. The top buttons include the preset coffee types, plus the hot water and milk steaming options. The lower buttons let you select the hopper you want to use and choose the two cup option.

The dial on the right allows you to scroll through the various menus, making setting your coffee preferences to suit your taste quick and easy.

For those who like a full report, there’s a black and white TFT screen which keeps you updated on exactly what you’ve chosen, from the amount of coffee and milk to strength intensity and which bean hopper you’ve chosen.

What cups can I use

This bean to cup Melitta coffee machine can take cups up to 14cm tall. That’s tall enough for mugs and latte cups. The dispenser accommodates cups of all sizes without splashing as it slides up and down for the perfect dispensing height.

How much coffee does it hold?

The airtight, double chambered bean hopper holds a generous 270g of coffee beans. That’s 135g per compartment. The beauty of this double hopper is that you can use two different beans types, and select which hopper at the touch of a button. Ideal if you and your housemates prefer different coffee.

How much water does it hold?

This Melitta Caffeo holds a more than adequate 1.8 litres of water. That’s enough to brew coffee for a crowd or a party before it needs refilling.

Things to Think About Before Buying

There’s little to criticise with the Melitta E970 Caffeo. The main criticism is that the drip tray needs emptying pretty frequently, but this is still a minor bugbear.

How to clean the E970-101 Caffeo CI

Cleaning this machine is simple and easy. It has automated descaling, rinsing and cleaning programmes. The TFT screen guides you through the cleaning process, making it child’s play to get right. For the milk system, it just needs attaching to the drip tray.

The brewing unit can be removed and cleaned, which helps prevent coffee build-up in it.

How functional is this machine?

Should you prefer something different from the four preset coffee options, the Melitta E970 makes setting your own preferences easy, thanks to the simple design. It offers total controllability with three temperature settings and four strength settings, plus the ability to set the length and the amount of milk you want adding.
Up to four personalised recipes can then be stored in the My Coffee menu for your perfect cup of coffee every time.

The limitations of the Melitta E970 Caffeo CI

Four preset coffee options is fairly limited compared to some other bean to cup coffee machines. However, the four My Coffee programmable options does give you the opportunity to expand this menu.


Features of the Melitta E970-101 Caffeo CI

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This Melitta Caffeo has a good range of features. In addition to the dual bean chamber, which makes enjoying different coffee types a doddle, it also boasts a pre-watering system, known as an Aroma-Extraction system. This system involves dampening the beans with a little water prior to brewing for maximum taste extraction.

The way the milk system operates is another useful feature. The freestanding milk tank makes it simple to clean and empty, and it can be stored in the fridge between uses to reduce wastage.

The milk frother itself is integrated and automated, making producing rich, foamed milk for cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos very straightforward.

The dual dispensing of milky coffees, as well as black ones, is another useful feature, especially when you’re making coffee for multiple people. The integrated cup warmer is another useful feature for ensuring that your coffee is always served at the right temperature.

Temperature control

This Melitta Caffeo has three temperature settings.

Water pressure

This bean to cup coffee machine has a professional level 15 bar water pressure that ensures for the richest, thickest crema in every cup.

Looks and style

Although it’s a little ‘blocky’ looking, the Melitta is still stylish enough for any kitchen thanks to its chrome and black finish. It’s not the smallest of machines, so it’s worth checking that it’ll fit in the available space.

The Pros and cons of the Melitta E970-101 Caffeo CI

  • Professional level water pump pressure
  • Good quality conical burr grinder
  • Pre-watering function for maximum taste extraction
  • Integrated milk frother that creates rich, creamy frothed milk with a removable milk carafe to reduce wasted milk
  • Wide range of settings that allow you to tailor each cup to your personal preferences
  • Five option My Coffee memory function for consistent personalised coffee
  • Clearly marked buttons with TFT display
  • Makes two cups at once
  • Integrated cup warmer
  • 1.8-litre water tank
  • Easy to clean and maintain thanks to the automated cleaning programmes
  • Two-year guarantee
  • There are only four preset coffees
  • The drip tray needs emptying fairly regularly

Our Verdict

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While the Melitta E970 Caffeo CI doesn’t offer the widest functionality, with a menu limited to just four preset coffee types, this is made up for by the controllability it offers. There’s no reason not to find your perfect brew every time. It also offers a good range of functionality that makes this machine a great choice for those looking for ease and simplicity.

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