Gaggia Coffee Machines

Named after its Italian founder Achille Gaggia, the company filed for its first patent in 1938. The patent was awarded for a groundbreaking machine that applied steam pressure to ground coffee, in a method that extracted taste and aromas alike. He used it in his own coffee bar to deliver a barista fresh coffee experience to his customers.

But this invention was a mere stepping stone on the company’s route to their real innovation: the lever-operated piston machine, with an inbuilt spring, that was patented in 1948. This design increased the pressure achieved by the machine, allowing for a richer, creamier espresso that could be brewed in just 15 seconds.

With coffee becoming a staple of the 1950s, Gaggia became famous for producing the machines that delivered coffee in the trendiest coffee shops of Rome and Milan, and even London. Soon, people wanted to enjoy the same, high-quality coffee at home, and so Gaggia produced the Baby Gaggia, their first domestic espresso machine, in 1977. Since then their range has expanded to include grinders, and super-automated bean to cup coffee machines. Whether users want coffee at the touch of a button, or to hone their barista skills, there’s a machine for everyone in their extensive range.

These days, Gaggia is owned by Saeco, a division of the electronics giant Philips where, as a leading name in the coffee market, it retains its individual identity.

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