Andrew James Lumiglo Filter Coffee Machine Review

Andrew James may not be a household name, unlike some other brands, but that doesn’t stop them producing a great filter coffee machine. The Andrew James Lumiglo Filter Coffee Machine is a popular choice in the UK, regularly making the most recommended lists and featuring a four-star rating on Amazon and other retail sites. It’s not surprising given its excellent price point and functionality that you might not expect for the cost.

What is good about this Filter Coffee machine?

How quickly can I get my coffee?

The answer is pretty speedily. The Andrew James Lumiglo Filter Coffee Machine produces twelve cups of coffee in just twelve minutes. That means there’s little waiting around for a pot full of delicious filter coffee that’s enough for a large gathering, or for those who enjoy multiple caffeine hits.

Buttons and indicators

This filter coffee machine is simple to use. It features just four buttons plus a blue LCD display. Alongside the On/Auto/Off button there are also a programming button, plus an hour and a minute button. These are used together for setting the timer on the machine should you wish to enjoy a hot cup of coffee later in the day or first thing in the morning.

How much water does it hold?

The Andrew James Lumiglo Filter Coffee Machine holds 1.5 litres of water, meaning that you can make up to twelve cups of coffee in one sitting. That’s plenty for a crowd! The glass carafe features markings on the side that indicate how much water you need for the number of cups you want to make. Simply measure the right amount and pour it into the reservoir.

Things to think about before you buy

How to clean the Andrew James Lumiglo Filter Coffee Machine

Regular cleaning and descaling will, of course, ensure the continued efficient operation of this filter coffee machine. In areas with harder water, it will need cleaning more frequently than in those areas with soft water, although the manufacturer recommends that descaling should take place around every thirty days.
The descaling process is somewhat time-consuming although not overly complicated. The brew cycle should be started as normal, then stopped when the coffee machine has percolated around one cup of water. The machine should then be stopped by pressing the On/Auto/Off button twice. Leave the descaling mixture to sit for fifteen minutes. Then finish running the brew cycle. Finally, you need to run clear water through the system another three times before using it again.
In addition to household descaler, the machine can also be cleaned with a citrus juice or distilled white vinegar solution.
Before its first use, this machine needs to be cleaned through with several changes of water, and all removable parts rinsed with warm water and then dried. After each use, the detachable parts should be cleaned with hot, soapy water.

How functional is this machine?

This filter coffee machine does what it says on the tin. It produces delicious coffee rapidly that’s can be used as a base for milky coffee types, from cappuccino to latte macchiato, or just enjoyed on its own.

Features of the Andrew James Lumiglo Filter Coffee Machine

Measuring your coffee

This filter coffee machine is supplied with a measuring spoon for accurately measuring the amount of coffee required. One spoon equals one cup of coffee. The carafe features markings on the side for measuring the amount of water required for the desired number of cups. The filter is reusable and washable, so there’s no need for paper filters, although some people like to use them anyway for a smoother taste.

Time controlled auto brew

This machine also has a timer control, so users can set the coffee to brew automatically up to 24 hours in advance. This is set using the programme, hour and minute buttons. It’s worth noting that this has been set on a daily basis – there is no repeat function. In addition, the warming plate keeps the coffee warm for forty minutes before automatically switching off.

Filter coffee drip stop action

For cleanliness and to prevent wastage, there is a drip stop function that automatically stops the brewing process should the glass carafe be removed. Should the pot be replaced within thirty seconds, the process will continue from where it left off. Equally, should there be a brief interruption in power (fifteen seconds or less), for example, if the plug is accidentally pulled out, the machine will remember where in the brewing process it was, and continue automatically. Should the power interruption be longer than fifteen seconds, then the machine will need to be restarted.

Limitations of this filter coffee machine

One common criticism of this machine is that the coffee isn’t that hot, and the warming plate doesn’t keep the coffee particularly warm, although this could be seen as a matter of personal taste.

Temperature control

There is no temperature control on this filter coffee machine.

Water pressure

The manufacturer doesn’t state what water pressure this machine operates at, but it isn’t pressurised enough to produce espresso-style crema.

Looks and style of the Andrew James Lumiglo filter coffee machine

This neat and stylish looking filter coffee machine measures 22cm x 36.6cm x 20cm and weighs 3.5kg. The height means that it may not fit under all cupboards, or will require moving to add water to the reservoir.

The Pros and Cons of the Andrew James Lumiglo filter coffee machine


  • Easy to use
  • 1.5-litre capacity
  • Makes up to twelve cups
  • Speedy delivery of just twelve minutes per twelve cups
  • Reusable, washable coffee filter
  • Drip stop function stops coffee being dispensed if the carafe isn’t in place
  • 24-hour timer
  • Thirty minutes keep warm


  • Coffee may be too cold for some people
  • Maybe too tall for some kitchens


If you’re looking for a filter coffee machine that offers good functionality for a very good price point, then the Andrew James Lumiglo Filter Coffee machine should certainly be on your shortlist. The only criticisms of this machine is that the coffee is too cold for some people’s tastes and that its height makes it difficult to use in some kitchens.

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