Aeropress vs French Press

Aeropress vs French Press_ Which Will be better for you_

Aeropress Pros & Cons

Aeropress is good because:

  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • A single serving of coffee
  • Easy to clean it after

You will struggle with an Aeropress because:

  • Can be messy
  • You need to work to make the coffee
  • Can’t really to make multiple cups of coffee

French Press pros & Cons

Cafetiere is good because:

  • Easy to use
  • makes a rich coffee
  • makes multiple cups of coffee

You will struggle with a Cafetiere because:

  • Harder to clean up
  • Can have small granules of bean left in the cup.
      The plunger can be a bit temperamental

While the brewing methods for both types of coffee makers are different, it is good to remember that both do produce a great cup of coffee. It is not so much which is better or worse rather what suits you at the time. Aeropress vs French Press – What coffee maker will suit you?

However, you make your coffee always try to do the following:

  • Fresh ground coffee beans
  • The right grind for the type of coffee you are making
  • Freshwater in the kettle (water that has been repeatedly boiled will taste different)
  • Water boiled to the right temperature
  • Have a good idea of the brewing time for the type of coffee you want to make

What is the Aeropress coffee maker?

The AeroPress coffee maker a very practical little manual coffee brewing machine that is so useful to have around the house. I use mine every day. It makes a small espresso-like shot and is really very practical for producing a single cup or espresso shot like cups of coffee.

Requires some fiddling about and usually makes for one person only.

Aeropress Coffee Maker

What is the French Press coffee maker?

This is your run of the mill cafetiere that creates filter coffee using the plunger method to filter out the ground coffee. easy to use and good for a single cup or making up to 12 cupss. The standard form is the glass beaker with a plunger. If you are looking for something a bit fancier there are ones that have a double wall in metal to help keep the temperature longer.

Easy to use for one or more people

Red 8 Cup La Cafetiere Monaco Cafetiere

Comparing: AeroPress Vs French Press

What is the difference between AeroPress and french press?

When it all comes down to it, the main difference between the two is the mechanics and method of coffee brewing. Both brew the coffee in their chamber. The difference comes in the way that coffee is actually extracted.

Straight up the French press or cafetiere is easier to use, there is very little fiddling about to make your coffee. But ( and it is a big but ) you don’t have the versatility of the Aeropress and if to be honest I quite like the ritual that goes with fiddling about to make a good cup of coffee.

For the cafetiere/french press, the brewing time is up to 4 mins. Once this is done the process of pushing the plunger down filters out the coffee from the ground coffee.

The filter that you use for the French press is not as fine as the AeroPress paper filters. One is there to remove the ground coffee and the other (the Aeropress) forces the separation under some pressure.

For the AeroPress, the plunger system forces the water to pass through the coffee grounds under pressure and this will make a difference to the way the coffee will taste. in essence, the AeroPress coffee machine is a poor man’s espresso machine – err sort of.

Coffee Extraction – Aerpress vs espresso

It is import to note that while the taste of the coffee is different for both methods you are not actually making an espresso when you use the Aeropress. For most people who are looking for something similar, this will be fine. I love my Aeropress and use it almost every day. I love having a small shot of coffee as apposed to a mug of coffee you would get from using a french press.

An espresso machine forces the temperature-controlled hot water through compressed ground coffee beans in a certain way to get the espresso effect and this is where the difference is between the final outcome of your drink is.

In other words, if you are looking for an espresso coffee you will need to buy an espresso machine.

When to use an Aeropress vs when to use French press coffee maker

Whatever coffee maker you choose will be dependant on your preferences. I have gone from loving a big cup of coffee to only drinking the little shots you get from the Aeropress. I essence I have both and then choose which one to use based on the above factors. For example, when I go to visit clients I will take my Aeropress ( I have a special bag to carry it in)

The best coffee for Aeropress

Essential Nutrients In Coffee

While the coffee that you use in the Aeropress will depend on what you like, there are a few things that you should be taking into account when you are buying coffee.

Choose a coffee that is slightly stronger than you normally drink as I find that the coffee produced has a little less kick to it.

When it comes to the grind of the coffee I think that it better to go with a fine grind. The paper filters that you get with the Aeropress are perfect for the job and ensure that you have a coffee that has little or no ground coffee at the bottom.

Fine ground coffee needs to be brewed at lower than boiling point temperatures (around 80 degrees c) you get a richer flavour for your efforts.

Brewing time: 1-3 mins

We have more on picking the best coffee for your Aeropress here

Top Tips for using an AeroPress

Don’t rush the process, give it some time to brew properly – you will be well rewarded for patience.

Set up the Aeropress upside down when making the coffee, this allows you to brew the coffee for longer and just gives you more control.

You can use the filter paper twice, it will save on paper, your wallet and the environment.

The used ground coffee comes out as a pellet – Don’t throw that away, you can use it in the garden as fertiliser and other things have a read of this for more on what to do with used coffee grounds

This is more of a maintenance tip then anything else but when you have finished making the coffee, make sure you pull it apart and clean it as you can damage the rubber plunger if you leave it in there all squashed up.

Coffee that suits the French Press

Mixture o ground and whole beans

Again what type of coffee you use will really be up to you and what you love. Now, if you have your own grinder at home then simply choose the bean that you like, set your grinder to give you a coarse grind and you are good to go.

If you buying coffee that is already ground then make sure you pick one that you like and that is suitable for the cafetiere.

Once the water has boiled you can just let it cool for a min and then add it. No need to get it down to 80 like you have to when you are using the Aeropress

Brewing time:3-5 mins

Top tips for using the French Press

Making filter coffee in French press is quite easy, but there are a few things that you can be doing to make sure you get the best out of your coffee.

Where possible, make sure that you use freshly ground roasted coffee as this will always have a better flavour. Fresh coffee has more of the oils in it than the ground coffee that you buy. If you don’t have a grinder you can do things like keeping your coffee in the freezer or fridge to help it stay fresher longer.

Have a good idea of how much water you need for the coffee, too much will dilute the coffee if you make it with too little you can always go back and add more water.

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